Creating a customer portal account

Registering a new account

1. From the website, click on ‘Access the Customer Portal’

or click here

2. If you get this screen, click on ‘CODE’ and enter “VYZQUWED”

Else you will see the screen in Step 3. If that happens continue at Step 3.

Whether you see the screen in step 2 or 3 at this point will depend on which browser or device you use. It varies. 

3. Click on ‘Register New Account’

4. Fill in your details and click “Submit Registration”

Note: if you have previously registered in classes, please use the email address you have previously used when registering with Indigo Gymnastics

5. You will be emailed a verification code. Check your email, copy the code emailed to you and insert on this screen. Click OK.

6. You will then be logged into your account. 

Before you can access your details, you need to accept a few policies. Tick the checkbox,  sign and click ACCEPT.

7. If you have any key information missing from your account, you’ll be prompted here to complete it.

Note: this usually only the case if you are not already in our system. If you have registered for previous classes and you are using the same email address to create your account, you’ll likely skip this step.

8. You will now be logged in to your Customer Portal and should see this screen.

You are all set to go. From here you can:

  • Register for new classes
  • View classes you are already registered for
  • Register make up classes owing to you
  • View past invoices and payment
  • Register new students
  • Manage your notifications and preferences